Monday, June 18, 2007

Hi Everyone;

I got cut off before, sorry about that.
Anyway, Evie was really sick not too long ago and had to have IV antibiotics, so she's lost weight, and is now eating everything in sight. She is eating non-stop, anything she can fit into her little maw. :) She is so tiny and delicate, her clothes are mostly too big, but I think she'll catch up soon with the way she's eating. She gives me kisses and lets me hold her if she's busy, but when she's tired or cranky, it's only Daddy. Our guide here says that's common with mom's who are blonde. :) The babies have never seen a blonde before. All in all, I'm very very happy with her responses, as a strong emotional response and a willingness to bond with one person is the absolute best that you want in a newly adopted baby. It shows she cares, it shows that she wants to attach to a person, and it shows that she expects her needs to be met.

Abby is doing wonderfully as a big sister. You cannot ever ask any child to be better than our big girl has been on this trip. 27 hours of travel (27, People!!!) with only 3 hours of sleep..... then all day in 100 degree heat in strange buildings, she went 14 hours with NO FOOD at one point.... you would all be very proud of her. The food issue has been hard.... the milk is soy milk, the rice crispies..... aren't, the scrambled eggs aren't lumpy, etc. LOL! They gave her a hamburger with a fried egg on top..??? She's trying, but I think she's gonna loose some weight on this trip.

Evie was great at breakfast, she ate 3 bowls of steamed egg (think scrambled egg but no lumps) and a bowl of congee (pretty much just cream of wheat taste, with watery rice texture..... I actually loved it.) and two bowls of cheerios. I have NO idea where she is putting this stuff. Third leg, apparently.

There are lots of new parents/families on our floor. Some of the babies in our travel group are fantastic.... one of them just sits and entertains herself all the time. She's very big and very on target muscle/tone wise, but not a lot of expression yet. Her parents are waiting for her to come out of her shell. One of the other babies is great.... slept 8 hours on her first night here, and is very calm. She has had a cold like Evie,and both are seeing the Dr. today for a checkup.
There is a dutch couple here with twins..... they look very tired, those babies are giving them a run for their money!!! Another family has a baby boy (beautiful boy!) who likes to pace the halls at night. :) There are a few screamers on the floor, but for the most part everyone is doing great.

Off to shop, will post more tonight! My email is acting funny, so email David at work if you want to chat... he's having no problems with his email.


The King said...

Hi. Left a few comments but they didn't appear yet. Hopefully, you're seeing them. Glad to hear everything is going well.

The fried egg on a hamburger - isn't that a Round Robin specialty burger? hmmm?

My last post asked how your mom is doing? I haven't seen you make mention. How is David's Chinese holding out?

mattimoosh said...

We're so, so happy for you guys! Definitely getting a chuckle about David being the one to get up at night - enjoy your sleep while you can!

Can you send me David's email address so we can chat?