Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last day in Nanchang

Good morning (evening ) everyone!

My sister has taken over my blog for now and changed the settings to allow comments (sorry bout tht) and is forwarding me all the text so that I can see what’s posted. How sad is that? I am electronically cursed on this trip!

We went to see a fantastic light show and fountain show last night across the street from the hotel. It’s sorta the same fountains that are outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and set to music. It was a real trip to see everything. We went with one of our travel mates….. the ones with the easiest baby ever, LOL!!
In the middle of the fountain show, a group of about 8 or 9 teenage boys came up to me, giggling and pointing to my hair, asking me to put it down so that they could see. They were all fascinated by the hair (hey, at least it amuses someone!) and one of them, who could speak halting english, was pushed to the front to ask me questions. So here I am, surrounded, in CLOSE proximity, to all these giggling boys, one of them looking at the ground and asking me where I came from, and asking questions about America. There is NO personal space, I had maybe 5 inches between all of us, LOL! David just laughed. I’ve been asked for my picture a lot. Although, not nearly as much as Abby has. She’s had her picture taken by so many people that I’ve lost count. Hoardes of people followed us around the store, and the restaurant, and the streets, taking her picture and saying “Bao, bao” which means ‘precious baby’ and they will take her hand, pull her from me, and then have their friends take the picture of them and Abby. It’s very strange, because at home, NO ONE would take your child away, so I’m always nervously following, and standing one foot away out of camera range while Abby sighs and smiles for the hundredth time that day. Our guide says that it is because of Abby’s unusual hair color and light skin and green eyes, which apparently are considered the epitome of beauty here.

Today we are packing and getting ready to leave on the plane-held-together-by-duct-tape to fly to Guangzhou, where we’ll stay for our last 5 nights. Evie is getting much better with me, I can take her out for long walks just the two of us, and she even stayed in my arms a few minutes when we got back and David was sitting there. I figure David needs a break, LOL!! She really is doing great, but I worry because she is soooo tiny. Our guide says that she is small, but really even small boned, very delicate.
Her muscle tone is quite weak, a common delay in orphans, so we’ll be working on physical therapy stuff to get her to do more. She is the size and abilities of Abby at about 5-6 months. Her eyes are just as big and round as in her referral pictures, and she is TAN. REALLY tan.

I can’t wait to get home and see everyone, I miss home. Evie has her boyfriend waiting for her, though Peyton is about 3X her size, LOL! And I can’t wait to hear the screams when she sees dogs and cats and ponies for the first time, LOL! I hope our pups and kitties and rats and ponies are doing well.
I’ll be posting from the White Swan hotel tomorrow morning, and I’ll update some more pictures by then.

Loves and hugs and kisses to all!


The King said...

Of course, Abby is the epitome of beauty State-side too! Wow. Sounds like your getting a taste of what hollywood stars feel like. No personal space or privacy must be incredibly annoying.

Glad to hear that Evie and you are beginning to meld. That's great news for both of you.... a probably David too.

Dingo Deb said...

Glad to hear Evie is getting settled in with everyone :) heheh I bet Abby wished she had her crown with her for her debut! you poor girl,getting mobbed. I know how you like your personal space LOL.
I'll pray to the gods of duct tape that they see fit to hold the plane together,talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys traveling with Martha, Jim, Rosie and new baby Jayda? They are friends of ours. My husband works at the Hartford and someone he knows gave him your web page. We just returned home two weeks ago with our Hannah. If you are with our friends say Hi to them for us. Best wishes. We are enjoying your blog and pictures. Feels like we never left.

from CT
John, Caroline & Hannah Grace

Dingo Deb said...

HI John, Caroline & Hannah Grace;

I just got off the phone with Mary and she said yes, she's traveling with Martha,Jim,Rosie and Jayda and that she will tell them you said hello in the morning :)
Congratulations on your new arrival! hope all is going well.
Deb(Mary's sister)

Sarah said...

Abby is beauftiful (Walker will tell you that). I'm glad tings are going well over there. Just think Walker is smaller than Abby and Peyton will be bigger than Evie. Opposites attract!!