Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hello all

We went to the Chen Family Temple today for some sightseeing. The temple itself is just amazing……. The jade carvings are beyond description, so I made sure to get it on video. Abby is so tired that she’s just not even pretending to enjoy sightseeing anymore, so taping things is getting cumbersome.

I got beautiful soapstone carvings made for each of our girls today. One has a dragon on top (Abby was born in the year of the Dragon) with her name and Chinese name (actually the phonetic equivalent) on the bottom. You dip it in ink and she can stamp her name(s) Evie’s has a dog on top as she was born in the year of the Dog. It has her name ‘Evie’ and then the Chinese characters for Meng Yi (her Chinese name) The carvings are just beautiful.

We also went to the mall today… it was SIX STORIES tall. It was not as bright and shiny as our malls are, and we couldn’t find any rhyme or reason to the shop configuration. All in all it was honestly overwhelming. Apparently I have always taken being able to read for granted. It is so disorientating when you can’t read the signs!!!

Grandma is going over her purchases for the day and labeling what is for whom, Evie is taking a much deserved nap after 6 hours of shopping, and David and Abby are at the pool.
I think we’re going to take a walk around the island tonight and enjoy things.

Jayne, I sent a prayer up for your dad at the temple today. We’re all wishing him the best. Please give him and the Governor of Crazytown our best


Don said...

Hi, I had to re image my PC sorry... seems I have internet access now, looking at the pictures seems like you are all having a wonderful trip. Say hi to mom, tell her to make sure she eats something, even if its french toast and to make sure she gets some spoons.. Evie sure is a looker :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Kathy: Evie is absolutely beautiful. She has a beautiful smile....and yes....she does look like David and Abby. Abby, we are so proud of you...a long trip and you have done a beautiful job. Evie is very lucky to have a big sister like you. Mom, you still there? Show us a sign LOL. Love you all and looking forward to the next post. We check daily here

Sarah said...

Hi from Sarah, Rich, Walker and Peyton. We are so so so axiously awaiting your arrival back home. The pictures of the girls are great. You will have to print out your journal to put into Evie's baby book. I can't wait to get her in front of the camera. Keep us updated and can't wait to see you all!

djdupontjr said...

Hi just popping in to see what the days comments are before the day is over here. Make sure Evie and Grandma have and do something special together whilst there.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Denise Yuu: Evie is BEAUTIFUL! Her healthy appetite shows she's right at home with you! Abby, you must feel like a celebrity with so many asking to be photographed with you. (Move over Britney Spears!!!) Enjoy the rest of your trip. (In one of the gift shops at White Swan Hotel right near the entrance to dining area stairs, you can find beautiful wooden hair combs shaped like asian princesses (one was a mother/daughter scene)packaged in lovely boxes. The combs are painted in beautiful colors, come in various sizes, and are very inexpensive. My daughter Sondra loves hers and plays with them still - 2.5 years later.) Can't wait to see your group photos on the White Swan's Red Couch!