Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on Travel Plans

ok, here's the latest I received fom David:

We just missed our flight…actually we didn’t miss it….we had 10 min to spare….they just decided to close the doors and give 22 stand bys our seats…..then 9 hours later….that is right 9 hours later we finally were able to patch together some flights back to US soil. Mom, Evie and I will head back tomorrow morning on Chay Pacific….direct to JFK…then I need to figure out the best way to get back to Newark NJ to get the truck….then drive home. We should get in around 2:30 Thursday. Abby and Mary need to fly into Vancouver Canada then over to JFK. Another family is doing the same thing in our getting a limo to get back to CT….abby and mary have a ride home. We wanted to all fly together but the direct flight was sold out….the flight through Vancouver we could not take Evie on. No visa for Canada….Evie’s passport only allows her to take a one way to US soil. Once in US she is a citizen….but as you can see that isn’t going to help us at this point. Abby, Mom and Evie did great today….I can’t believe what a challenge (understatement) it was getting the flight in order. It kind of felt like Ground Hog Day (Bill Murray) meets the Terminal (THanks movie)……fun is.

Chow for now.


Sarah said...

Hope everything goes okay and please let us know if you need to be picked up or anything. What a nightmare!!

The King said...

I wondered if you can get a shuttle between JFK and Newark airports? They must specialize in this all the time with changing flights and alternative itineraries. Seems that it would be a short jaunt and you'd be able to pick up your truck in quick order.

Cheysu said...

Yes, there are many ways to get from JFK to Newark..... but it's still a drive through rush hour traffic, which took over 3 1/2 hours, and then the drive home, witch took 3 1/2 hours, adding 7 hours to our 16 hour flight and 1 hour immigration and baggage collection.

All together, it ws 32 hours of travel from wake up to home.

Cheysu said...

After 32 hours of travel, we are home. Ther'es very little in the fridge, but there's enough crem to get us though coffee tomorrow, and enough formula to get Evie Meng Yi though the day too.
Time to hit the grocery store, and then the pool.

Later, I will post about the trip-from-hell-home, and aobut the giant DOG MONSTERS waiting in hiding for us.. )Lol