Friday, September 14, 2007

The walls are closing in..........

Another day in the sick house. Abby is feeling marginally better, or at least good enough that I convinced her to take a bath tonight. She was a tad 'ripe' after 3 days of fever, sweat, fever.
Evie is trying to ditch her naps and stay up all day..... she wants to be a big stander soooo much that she hates to sit and play, so most of the day is spent balancing her while she holds onto things. :)

I've made the executive decision to keep Abby home from the 4-Town fair Horse show this weekend. She cried and sobbed that she could still show, but I can't keep my Mommy credentials if I let her. She needs time to recoup before going back to school on Monday.

She is also missing her 2nd Soccer practice tomorrow morning.

I'm going to have to get Evie out of the house at some point to do something fun.

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