Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Luf Letter

Oh my, she's all growned up and writing luf letters to boys. Abby came home from school and showed me her very first hand written letter.... done solo, by the by, with nary a stitch of help on the content or spelling.

If you read it phonetically, you'll understand it is to her friend, Frasier, who rides horses with her in 4-H. And she "lufs him." (that's my girl, rope a cowboy.) Upon questioning, she doesn't think that Walker, her future husband, will mind that she has a boyfriend, being that she is still young.


CP said...

Now THAT should go on

So sweet!!!

Cheysu said...

If only there was a puppy sitting on it! I think I need some sort of animal to qualify. :)

Balancing Act said...

Walker isn't working on his "luf" letters yet but only working on his birthday party list. Remember his birthday party isn't until April. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Abby loves somebody other than him. Although he is more than willing to take on any challenge.