Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No, sweetie, that isn't an Action Figure appropriate for school

Warning: This post will not make sense to those who have never seen a Kevin Smith movie.
Many moons ago, good friends of our gifted David with a collectible set of Jay and Silent Bob action figures. Actually, they are the Action Figures of Jay and Silent Bob's alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic.
Abby found these action figures a couple of years ago, and the Silent Bob/Bluntman one has been added to her action toys collection. (I have permanently hidden the Jay/Chronic action figure... don't ask.) Abby was playing with her dolls and having the Hero Bluntman save them from damsel in distress scenarios when she decided to bring him to school with her.
"No, sweetie, that isn't an Action Figure appropriate for school. Or anywhere outside of this house, actually. Or even in this house, really, but we can talk about that later."
For those of you familiar with Jay and Silent Bob, this will have struck you as gut-wrenching Hi-Larious. If not, it's another mindless post.
Later I'll put up a video of Evie Crawlking. :) That is more appropriate. :)

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Rosehawk72 said...

Of course she loves Bluntman, that's our girl!!