Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things I want but can't find anymore

We were in the grocery store buying the weeklies when I realized that some of my favorite things weren't for sale anymore.

Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal. It was made by Quaker Instant Oatmeal.... it was basically the Brown Sugar Oatmeal with little sugar coated pieces inside that looked like tiny eggs. When you poured the hot water on the oatmeal, the sugar coating on the eggs dissolved and inside were teeny tiny brown sugar dinosaurs. Get it? Dinosaur eggs...... Well, not only was it amusing as all git out, it was also yummy. I've been eating the stuff for years...well before I had kids as an excuse to buy it. I was the only executive at my company waiting in line at the hot water machine holding tupperware filled with Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal. Lemme tell ya, that does NOT reinforce the 'How did she get the window office at HER age?' conversations. But I digress.

They aren't SELLING Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal anymore. I loved it. My kids loved it. Now we have the crappy Brown Sugar Oatmeal that tastes pretty much the same, but the JOY is gone. No EGGS!! No purple T-Rexes hatching out in a pool of melty sugar-goodness. Nothing.

If I could go to the grocery store and find Dino Egg Oatmeal AND the Yes & Know Invisible Ink Game and Quiz books, I'd be in heaven. (Cuz I can't find those anymore either.... and c'mon, weren't those books the ONLY good part about road trips with the family?)

Moving on sux.


Dingo Deb said...

silly goose.... would I, your older sister ( snickering on the "old" part)let you down??

*do an Evie...use your whole head to respond *G**

I have researched and verified you can purchase the oatmeal by the CASE *WOOOHOOO!* here:
it's $53.88 and contains Individual Item size: 8 Packets
Case Count: 12 per case
Case Size: 96 Packets

You can also get them here:
although they don't come in the handy Mary size of a case hehehehhe

I have a bunch of invisible ink yes & know books I can send you..heheh some of my soldiers like them.

If it existed in the universe at some point,I'll find it. 'specially for you darlin' *SWAK*

Cheysu said...

Can I have a case of oatmeal and a case of Yes and Know books for Christmas?


Balancing Act said...

You can tell you are from the same family. I loved that oatmeal but Walker didn't think too much of it. I think the egg part freaked him out because he won't eat eggs (yes I know they aren't real eggs) and he couldn't get passed the thought of eggs in his oatmeal.

Dingo Deb said...

LOL....yes,you can..I'll get you a case of each and send it as an early gift.
Have I ever been able to resist when you do the "canIcanIcanIhuhpretty puuuhhhlleeeaseee?" routine?

Sue (friend of Balancing Act) said...

The kids (especially Grace) loved that kind and were not happy when it was unfindable. Thanks for the heads up on where it can be found!

Rosehawk72 said...

Guess what Laura found you?