Monday, November 26, 2007

Do you have Fairy Balls?

Abby lost her second front tooth yesterday, which sets off the predictable sequence of events. Clapping, cheering, getting out the 'Twinkle the Tooth Fairy' book, and putting the tooth in the purple velvet pouch for "Tooth Fairy Tooth Retrieval" later that I night.This time, Abby wanted to write the tooth fairy a note.
***Oh crap!! How am I going to get a crinkly paper out from under her pillow?!?!?****

"Okay," I said. What do you want to write?"
"I want to write.......'Do you have Fairy Balls?"'
****choke choke choke*****
"Does she have what?!?"
"Fairy Balls. You know....parties where you eat food and dance in special dresses?"

I didn't tell David about the note........ Late that night I snuck in and wrote "Yes we do" on the note after she fell asleep. I heard DD1 rush to the kitchen this morning to show Daddy the note. I could hear him spitting out his coffee and laughing. I smiled, rolled over, and went back to sleep. The tooth fairy was up late.


The Captain's Wife said...

this made me giggle

Dingo Deb said...

*snurggle* ohhhh thanks! yougot me in trouble last night LOL. We're laying in bed and I have these.....visions (and they WEREN'T sugar plum fairy's let me tell ya) it brought "fairy balls" to a whole new creative concept in my twisted little mind. Picturing dangly bits in crowns and dresses with sparkly scepters...ohhhhh I kept laughing hrader and harder and finally Sean said, "go to sleep or go in the living room. HAHAHAH
*ohhh I go again, laughing so hard I feel pukish.
I love you guys LOL

Elle said...

Could be worse...I put the letter in a sealed envelope and wrote along the seam hehe! Be glad I'M not your daughter ;)

Balancing Act said...

Okay but the next question would be if she can go to the fairy ball and would she ask Walker to be her escort. Very cute indeed.