Thursday, January 31, 2008

It went down like this


"Abby, if you go and get your Dinosaur book, I'll sit down and read it to you and Evie."
"In a minute, Mama."


"Abby, I'm going to give Evie a bath, go and get your book and we'll read it while she's playing in the tub."
"Not right now, Mama, I'm cuddling with Dada."


"Abby, have Daddy read you your Dinosaur book, I'm putting Evie to bed and then I'm taking a shower."
"WAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I wanted YOU to read it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

7:15 I'm in the shower and Abby sitting on the floor of the bathroom, sobbing. In a sad, sad attempt to have a moment of peace while instilling a lesson, I continue calmly.

"Abby, I asked you many times to read with me, but you couldn't be bothered. Why?"
"Because Daddy works and I miss him and I don't (sob sob sniffle, schooch out a tear)get to see him all that much adn I wanted to (sob snort) cuuuuuuuuddddleeeee"
"Well couldn't you have cuddled with him while you read the book with him?"
"No! Because you read to me at night and it makes me so (snort hiccup) happy and calm and sleepy and it makes my whole night better and I need you!"

Damn. She's breaking out the big guns. Is it a ploy? Am I being played? Using the 'NEED' word is almost guaranteed to get a reaction from me.

"Mama, you know how sometimes I have bad dreams?"
"Well, I heard on TV that reading to your child 15 minute a day helps them be strong and dream big. So if you read to me, that means I'll have good dreams." (sniff sniff....)

"Go and get your Dinosaur book. Just let me get the conditioner out of my hair."


Balancing Act said...

The words on your forehead (in case you can't read them backwards in the bathroom mirror) say SUCKER!! She's good. I will make sure to warn Walker.

Cheysu said...

I was wondering what the hell that said!!