Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dream a little dream

I stood at the base of a gigantic waterslide. Kids came shooting down, twisting in the rapids, rose up the sides to just the tippity top and then swooshed down to the middle before being spit out into the pool below.
There were fields surrounding the waterslide area, and there were a large pack of dogs (all from the 'working group,' probably courtesy of watching the Westmienster show last week)that were running around those fields playing with chew-toys. Often the dream would go into slo-mo mode and the meticulously groomed fur would rise in the breeze as ears floopped backwards and tongues lolled.....slooooowly, to capture that 'perfect pet moment.'
There was a patrol car circling the parking lot. My 75 year old mother was the policeman inside of that patrol car. All 82 pounds of her in a baggy cinched-up uniform with the cap perched on her white bouffant. (I think I completely morphed my parents into one being for this dream. My 6 years-past father was a cop.)
Abby was telling me repeatedly that she didn't get to hand out her Valentine's Day cards to her classmates before they all boarded the busses to go home. The cards were little torn scraps of paper with her name scrawled across and a peppermint duct taped onto it.

I don't know why I was standing at the base of the waterslide. I didn't care that the dogs were frolicking like an add for the Rainbow Bridge. I didn't care that our sole source of protection was a frail old lady with a tazer gun. I was only mildly distracted by what the other parents might think of the use of duct tape on Valentine's Day cards.
None of that mattered.
My only real focus was my hands sliding up and down the six-pack abs of Jensen Ackles (Dean from Supernatural) while he smiled at me and said 'I love you, baby.'

The rest of the dream.... the waterslides and granny-cop and dogs........that was obviously bat-shit crazy dream-mush. But Jensen Ackles proclaiming his love for me... that part was so real.

Conclusion: Eating Valentine's Day chocolates out of a heart shaped box while watching Supernatural and talking on the phone to your mother about the cute dogs in the dog show and segueing onto how much you're looking forward to summer with the kids.... that makes for a very strange dream.

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balancing act said...

This is why I don't documnet my dreams. I think I would just freak myself out.