Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I drink my medicine from a shot glass!

Abby's class had a field trip to one of the local hospitals today, and I was one of the chosen 'Parent Chaperones.' Believe me when I tell you that Moms fight for a spot on the Chaperone list like flock of seagulls over a french fry. Why would women fight over who gets to accompany 18 seven year olds on a crowded bus to non-theme park destination with little food and no bathrooms?

Because if we are there, we can monitor the shit our own kid comes out with.

For instance, at the Hospital Field Trip today. We visited the Pharmacy, the Lab, the Storeroom, the X-Ray room, etc.
During our visit to the Pharmacy, the Pharmacist asks, "Do you know why your parents shouldn't give you any medicine from a regular kitchen spoon?"

Abby dutifully raised her hand and said "Because you can't get the right measure. You need the special spoons or cups with the lines on it."

Little Joey then chimed in, "My Daddy gives me my medicine from a Shot Glass!!"

Later, at the lab, the technician discussed blood work and the discussion side tracked to needles.

Little Dominic raised his had and blurted "My Mommy uses lots of needles!!"

and then Seth yells out "My Daddy keeps a special bag on him all the time with his 'special stuff' and he says it makes him feel better!"

You must always go on the field trips to ensure the ability to EXPLAIN anything your kid comes out with.


balancing act said...

Things taken out of context can be quite alarming but quite funny.

The Captain's Wife said...

OMG!!! I would have pee'd my pants!

Ahem-Kathy said...

Dolling out meds for new parents seems to be by “the book. At least in my house, fill the plastic cup to the very special line, good Mom, good Dad. Carefully monitor the hours, minutes until the next dose. Sleep my precious baby. Yep, until Mom and Dad get the same flu, cold going around. No sleep because baby needs round the clock care, Mom and Dad are sick, need meds too. Aaaaah, in comes the Mom and Dad swig. Do we carefully monitor our doses, no time, swig and be done. Our family, different as we are, cannot be the only family that indulges in this practice when the chips are down. Okay, shit hits the fan. Which brings me to another topic as the Easter Bunny makes preparations for Easter Sunday.

One year I made deviled eggs for Easter Sunday and now it is tradition. I’m not sure if everyone really likes them, or states so in the hope that I do not attempt anything different. This year, I will put them to the test. They have asked for “private stashes” of eggs in the past. Does the Easter Bunny not hide eggs? Oh yes he does. Other than the promised silver platter, Easter Deviled Egg Hunt is on

Midge said...

Remind me to volunteer for everyone of my kids feild trips. Sounds fun and frightening at the time.

Rachelle said...

Good post.