Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brother vs. Brother

I came across this amusing story about the feuding Baldwins.... Alec and Stephen.

The article states:

Alec Baldwin has slammed his own brother in a letter to a leading U.S. gay magazine. The 30 Rock star took offense at born-again Christian Stephen's recent public comments on same-sex marriage, and decided to let the gay community know he doesn't share his sibling's beliefs.

Stephen recently called into Howard Stern's radio show, to lend his support to former U.S. presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee's campaign - and he added a stinging condemnation of homosexual marriage. The Usual Suspects star said, "I don't believe that gay marriage is in line with God's word, which is found in the Bible... and the Bible says that gay marriage is not acceptable."

Brother Alec, who also opposes his Republican brother's political views, has responded by firing off a letter to gay magazine The Advocate.

He writes, "People like that, whether or not I'm related to them — only help us raise money. ... they just single out groups of people that they hate."

You know it's gotta be rough when brothers take to the press to disagree. I certainly don't always agree with my sisters or brother, and some of us have radically different political views than one another, but that's still harsh.

What the heck do you say over Christmas dinner?

"Hey, Alec, sorry I almost alienated half of your fan base with my religious beliefs, but I need the spotlight. Gotta pay the mortgage, an all. Pass the cranberry?"

"Yeah, right after you give thanks... TO ME. I'm the reason any of you spent one frikken moment in the spotlight, you coat-tail riding little bi*&h. Pass the wine"

:::sigh:::: Did the Civil War teach us nothing?


Midge said...

It's becoming a trend isn't it? Family blackmailing family? What isn't with these famous, movie star, hollywood types? Oh well. Just an FYI, famous or not i will not make a deal with the devil and sell a story about you or anyone in our family for money or anything, period. Just needed to get that out there. :)

Cheysu said...

Um, yeah. Me, too. :::a-hem:::