Monday, September 29, 2008

All Bon-Bons, All the Time

So I was sitting here today, popping some bon-bons and sipping a strawberry margarita wondering what all the fuss is about stay-at-home-moms? I mean really, 12 hours a day... no job... what DO stay-at-home-mom's have to keep them busy?

Then I popped another bon-bon and finished off the bottle of tequila while I pondered it some more.

Um.. yeeee-ah. No.

Mondays are Grocery shopping and then to the Barn to clean stalls and take Evie riding the pony.
Tuesday mornings are Evie's Gymnastics class.
Tuesday nights are Brownie Meetings for Abby.
Wednesdays afternoons are stalls and riding again.
Wedneday nights... Soccer for Abby
Thursday mornings, Play group for Evie while I go to the school as the 'Class Helper' for the morning
Friday... barn to do stalls and then ride with Abby
Saturday, Soccer with Abby, then general house stuff.

Add regular housekeeping,working a part time job doing free-lance writing, then add cooking, homework, and general PARENTING to that and what do you get?

Here's a hint.... its not Bon-bons. But the tequila is still a possibility. :)


moosh said...

All hail Tequila!! You sound so very tired, perhaps chocolate covered espresso beans instead of those bon-bons? Miss you, hope we can get together when I get back

Rosehawk72 said...

Chocolate Martini's work too? Oh and Irish coffee...all the benefits of booze and caffeine all in one shot!!
Miss you!!

The Captain's Wife said...

Do you hear my violin playing...thought not! hahaha...

Balancing Act said...

Violins aren't playing from here either. After getting up at 5:30 to catch the bus to make it here by 7:00. Sit in meeting most of the day just to be able to get your own stuff done when meetings aren't happening. Then come home to homework, dinner and house stuff. I wish I could go to their class once a week and volunteer then I wouldn't feel like I am missing as much as I am. Tequila and bon bon would help but I like the idea of expresso beans. How would those work with the sleeping pills. Ummm - that's a thought.

ahem-kathy said...

Okay, so you are on the go with two active kids. We have all done it and survived. What you failed to mention is the fact that you are taking care of two households. Making sure Mom makes all of her appointments, the bank and daily tasks. Oh, that would be 7 days a week by the way. So, violins should play, bon-bons and Tequila are well deserved. Expresso when you have time.