Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Day

I took my girls with me today to vote. I took pictures so that they can see, many years from now, that they had a part in U.S. History. After so many months and weeks of talking about the election here at home, I think Abby thought it a bit anticlimatic that I filled in a bubble and plopped the paper in a scanner. "History," I told her, "Is usually, really, made up of small acts that come together to make a big change."

Still, I think she thought it would be..... more. Evie just wanted a donut at Dunkin's when we left. :)

If you haven't voted yet... get going!

If you have voted already, get to Starbuck's for your free coffee and know that you have voice and a choice and you made yourself heard. Congrats!

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