Thursday, December 4, 2008

There is No Spell-Check in the Classroom

Every Thursday morning I serve as the 'Class Mom' for my oldest daughter's classroom. This generally consists of me walking around the class helping the kids re-read the instructions of their morning work and give them a helping hand when they're stuck. Abby's teacher is a real hoot, funny, smart and talented as all heck in helping kids get from the 'baby level' to big kid's learning habits. And she trusts me.

That's a mistake.

The truth is that when I'm under the gun, I can't spell.

Okay, the truth is that I can't spell. I always sucked at spelling. But it gets even worse when I don't have the luxury of double checking it.

So what happens when a kid asks how to spell 'Vein?' As in, 'the leaf had tiny veins.'

I start to tell him "V.... " oh crap, I know the rule is usually i before e, but I think, I'm pretty sure, I'm really pretty sure that this is the opposite...

"Well, let's go get the dictionary. We'll practice looking words up. It's an important skill!!!"

::::slamming head on child-size desk:::::

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Mariah said...

ok I thought i didnt know how to spell, but thats funnie! I mean ooopps! I spelt funny wrong! *funny!!!!!! :)