Friday, January 2, 2009

A Perfect Christmas

It was really a perfect Christmas. So perfect, in fact, that I haven't even blogged in the last week.. relishing the perfection that is this holiday.

David bought and made me gifts that were so perfect that I didn't even know they existed. Abby and Evie got everything that they wanted... we have spent the week visiting great friends.... waking up late... going to bed late and generally enjoying a kind of familal bliss that I didn't know I was missing so much.

On a secondary note, David took us all out for a great Hibachi dinner... the kind where they cook in front of you complete with flames and massive amounts of sake and Mai Tai drinks.

I didn't know the first Mai Tai hit me until I was drinking my second. End result was me putting the kids to bed over an hour late, singing the "I love you, Baby" song while hiccuping.

Oh yea. Mom of the year. I have to go pass out now.

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Rosehawk72 said...

They won't remember the hiccups, but will remember the dinner and the song. You ARE Mom of the year in my book!!!