Monday, March 9, 2009


Psssssttt!!! Hello? Can you hear me?
***knocking on monitor screen***
I need your help! I'm trapped in Chey's kitchen! She doesn't know I'm there, but if I try to leave, she'll find me and that'll be it!
***furtive glance around corner***
There used to be dozens of us, but... but... oh, god, the horror....
***sniffle, sob, sob***
Please, help me! help me!! Oh shit, here she comes!!!!

Hey, has anyone seen the last few Tag-A-Long cookies?? I thought I left a couple in the cabinet......


Rosehawk72 said...

hehe this is what the thin mints are saying at my house! but they're freezing while they wait ;)

Dingo Deb said...

alas,my lil' hostages were too much trouble to I uhh..."did away with them" one delicious fattening bite at a time.