Friday, September 4, 2009

Evie Turns The Big 0-3!!

The day was not-too sunny, not-too cloudy and just-enough warm. Perfect for a pool party Birthday! All our friends came and the little ones brought their swimmies and floaties. Evie, of course, brought none of those things. She brings older cousins who cater to her, carry her, float with her in the pool and otherwise meet every needs.

Yes, Mariah. I mean you.

See? Evie's personal floatation device!

Can you even get over how cute this cake is? Not only cute but c'mon, a caterpiller? I LOVE caterpillers!

And you should have seen how many ears perked up when I asked "Who wants grass??"

Hmm, yeah. I was talking cake. Who wants the grass pieces of the cake. Makes me question the quality of the invite list!

The theme of the party was Butterflies and Flowers. Though I seem to have NOT gotten pictures of the balloons ::smacking self::: they really were everywhere. Evie chose the theme and all the goods that went with it, including handpicked butterfly balloons and tableware, right down to telling the baker how many butterflies, how many bees and how many caterpillers should be on the cake. It took forever, but she was proud and confident in her choices.

We chose the perfect flower pinata.

We did not purchase the flower pinata. Why did we not purchase the flower pinata that we spent a half hour choosing? Because we saw this on the way out of the store.

And this is what it became:

We loved having our wonderful friends over to celebrate out big, big, big girl's 3rd Birthday.

editors note: the big big big part was demanded in the rewrite to coincide with the new household policy of "I not a baby. I a Big, Big, Big girl." followed by a firm statement that she had to pee, and that Mommy should wait outside the bathroom door for her.

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