Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Momentous Occassions

Some big things happened in the past month. Let's recap in chronological order:

1. Abby showed in the 4-H fair.

Even though she was by far the youngest, she still managed to beat the pants off a few kids in every class. Jeepers acquitted himself in his own style. He was so bad in Abby's jumping class that by the time she finally got him to a fence and got him over it, the entire crowd burst into spontaneous cheers. The judge was laughing so hard so hard she had tears in her eyes. Anyway.... I think that was what the tears were from. It might have been horror, I'm not sure.

2. Abby and Jeepers won this years Costume Contest at the fair.

They were Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Abby was Toto. Jeepers was Dorothy.

See how thats funny? The little bastard can buck me off, but I can make him wear a dress, a wig and red sparkly slippers. Of course the joke may be on me, because he seems to enjoy dressing in drag.

3. Evie turned the big 0-3!!

We sent out invitations for the pool party, but this being New England, land of It-Will-Rain-On-Your-Birthday, we put an addendum on her invite that specified Rain or Shine, and just in case people didn't get it in text form, I put Evie in front of the pool in her bathing suit and snorkel while wearing rain boots and holding an umbrella.

Invites with precautions for the illiterate or the very rushed, totally my style.

The party was so much fun, and we had so many of our very favorite people there that it deserves a post of it's own, which will be coming forthwith. ;)

4. Abby started 3rd grade. I remember a few years ago, taking that first "First Day of School" picture. Abby was so little and cute. Now she's all "What-eveh" and has her hair done just so and, did I mention, she got her ears pierced??? Mmm-yeah. 3rd grade. She's gotta wait on the tat though. Like, 30 more years or so.

5. Evie had her Pre-School Orientation. She's very excited because her friend Jayda is in her class. Her pre-school looks amazing and I can't wait to have her really be a part of it. I'm excited to see how she does and how much she learns.

No pictures of it yet, though, cuz I'm waiting until her first day to take official pictures.
But since she's so darn cute, here is a Random Cuteness photo:

"Hey, Tarzan. Yeah. Get me a sippy-cuppa juice, pronto."

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