Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bring On the Schwnn Mann

Im not funny again. If were hoping to funny, try fast forward 8 or 9 weeks and hope for the best. Or if you know one of my siblings, gett'em really drunk. Turst me, they are funny too.

Any whooooooooooooo I'm alone and pretty drunk on a saturday night. Oh, that's gonna hurt my health? I beg to differe at this momement.

Everyone else had some realy imporantthings to do latly andI'm just jealous that I didn't have seomting either. There's a lot of things that I radther' be doing.

Its not going to make me over. Im' planning on becoming a complete recluse starting this comeing week, right ater school conferences. After that, Im all about the Shwan Man for grocery delivery, Maybe I can play it off as mysterious. David made plans for mid December. I tol him he was insane and to cancell at least my part of the plans..... find another date or take our oldest dauthter.

Com'n, its not like anyone really noticed, so save the comments for your own sepctactural lives. No big. You're not a worse person, so don't feel anyguilt. You're just the normal person.

1 comment:

Dingo Deb said...

yes, my life is so exciting I fell asleep LOL. and if you are going for the mysterious recluse,you will need really big dark sunglasses to wear all the time. we can hang out and chat on the phone or facebook,you won't be alone because we'll all keep you company.
I Luf you Mar!!