Friday, December 18, 2009

Season of the BIG TOP CUP CAKE

I am, as we speak, in the midst of baking the BIG TOP CUP CAKE!!!!

Before you begin to lecture me on the evils of sake and late night online shopping, let me break right in and say that I did not personally purchase this. My brother showed up with it, held out like a cermonial sacrifice, and said, "I saw this. I thought it looked like the fun for the kids."

I roughly translated that to "I saw this and I was hungry and weak. I want one, but I don't want to go through the hassle of making it. Make it for me."

Abby's friends at school found out that I was the proud new owner of the BIG TOP CUP CAKE and promptly informed me that that is exactly what I would be contributing to the holiday party at school.

Honestly, for a moment I was a hero. "Mrs. Tyrrell is brining in a BIG TOP CUP CAKE!!!! ABBY'S MOMS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then it occurred to me that my cake decorating talents are minimal, at best, even following a template.

Hence we come to the "dry run." Sure its more expensive to do the whole damn thing twice, but this way I have at least one under my belt and can learn from any obvious mistakes before trying to present a bunch of 8 year olds with thier first taste of Infomercial Video vs. Real Life.

I'll keep you all updated, possible with pictures. If its not too bad.

Post Edit:

Not too bad!! Thank goodness for the dry run to get the hang of it, though!

For Abby's class, I'm going to do the Christmas tree. For anyone else attempting it, remember that frosting is hard to make look nice, icing is easier.

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Shankent said...

Ok, so in comparison, what is the actual size of this monster of sugar? You should put something next to it so show size!!!

yeah, yeah, it's cool!!!