Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pooka Dots

This Friday is the Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Dance in our town. A greatly anticipated event, fathers all over our town go all-out to make it a magical date night with their little girls.

Let me put it this way: If you don't order your little girls' their corsage ahead of time, the local florist will give you a SCATHING look and not-so-patiently explain that you'll be getting the leftovers.

Abby and David traditionally go out for a nice dinner before the dance every year. (Pizza, actually, but when you're wearing a silk dress and wearing flowers, its "nice.") This year will be Evie's first year joining them for the Dance.

My memories of past years are vague, as I'm not allowed to attend, so can only go by what I'm told. Here are some highlights from previous years:

The first time David went, it wasn't even with one of his own kids. My niece, Mariah, needed a date for the dance as her father was out of town. David volunteered to take out for dinner and then to the dance. He took her to what was then the finest restaurant East of the River. She ordered lobster. Dinner cost $130.00 During dessert, she looked up and, loudly, proclaimed,
"This place is fancy! Just like the Olive Garden!"

She has never lived it down. I mention it yearly.

The first year Abby went to the dance, she wore the most stunning shade of blue. I have that dress put away, waiting for the day that Evie is big enough to wear it. (It'll be a few more years!) Abby was so excited to get flowers and go on a date with Dad. They didn't get home until very late. She was asleep when he carried her in. She woke up long enough to tell me,
"Uncle Dale was the DJ!!"

My Bro-In-Law's brother is a DJ, and unbeknown to us, DJs our town's Valentine's Dance every year. It is one of the few times we see him during the year. He is an awesome guy with a fantastic wife and kids. I'm jealous that I don't get to go to the dance, because the last time Uncle Dale DJed and event we went to, I got to talk to his wife, Tracy, all night. :)

This year, both my girls are wearing Polka Dots. Both Polka-Dotted, both Pink. But very, very different.

Evie's is a beautiful, large print, multi-shades of Pink number with a bow in back. She has informed me that she needs 4 bows for her hair.

Abby's is a beautiful, sleeveless, tailored and frilled only-at-the-bottom Pink and Brown polka-dotted number. David said
"When did you get old enough to wear a dress like that?"

Just goes to show how (as Evie says it) Pooka-Dots are classic, but they come in all shapes and sizes. One of my girls is going to her first dance. One of my girls is going to her first dance as a young lady.

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Dingo Deb said...

Their dresses are beautiful and Abby has been emailing me all week how excited she is. I think it's wonderful that David takes them on special dates,very cute! I will need a picture of them when they are ready to go,plz.