Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everything is Green and Black

One my favorite descriptions of all time. When asked what she thought of Springtime, the girl said,

I love the spring. Everything is Green and Black.

Now that may seem a little strange, black not being a color regularly associated with Spring, unless you adjust the way you look at things. Instead of focusing just on that haze of pink that means the trees are budding, or looking just at the lime green of newborn leaves, look at the whole picture and you'll see that so much of it is a rich, dark black. The bark on the trees after the rain and the color of newly tilled fields.... Black owns the Spring with as much fervor as Green.

I was looking at all the black today, quietly hating the cards dealt to me lately and adjusting to the first shock of losing Aspen. And then I heard a whispering sound, very very high above me. When I looked up, I saw that the breeze was mingling through the very first leaves on our maple tree and reminding me to focus a little more on the Green.

Aspen is gone, the last of our three dogs. I'm hoping, though, that for the first time in years she's jumping and playing with her sister and brother and they are all together again.

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The Captain's Wife said...

I never thought of black being a part of have entrigued me to pay close attention to teh colors surrounding me tomorrow.

My heart breaks that your heart is breaking over the loss of your eldest "child". Our pets were our first kids. The pain of losing them is real.

Hugs and Kisses to you~