Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Define "Relax" in your MPP

It is no secret that I can be my own worst critic.  (and biggest fan, but usually only after one margarita and before the third)  Since I went back to work a few weeks ago I have been furiously ensuring my ability to "do it all."  Frankly, I'm tired.  That's why I promised myself that when I got home I would finish paying bills for Mom and spend the evening organizing photos for the yearly family album. 

The yearly family album is like an albatross sitting around my neck from Halloween until Thanksgiving when it is finished and sent off to the printer and the faster I finish it the higher my happiness quotient.  The album is a symbol of good luck and good fortune (until someone killed it) and its' completion was on my list of things that would make me happy tonight. 

I didn't start it yet.

Instead, I talked to my sister, Deb, for over an hour. 

I'm smiling.

Sometimes the definition for "Relaxation" and "Happiness" needs to be updated and happiness comes from sources that weren't on your daily project plan.

Thank you, Debby!! 



Anonymous said...

::smile ::

Dingo Deb said...

Awwww...I Luf you :)