Saturday, June 23, 2007

White Swan Hotel

Hi - Mary asked me to post this update as there is NO access to any blog sites whatsoever. So without further delay....the update. - Deb

We are finally settled in at the White Swan. No matter how many times it is described as ‘big’ or a ‘monlith,’ I have never imagined it being this big and busy. There are people everywhere. People adopting, people traveling, business conventions…. It’s just gigantic.

Our flight here was delayed, so we had to take a different flight… Evie was teething and she was cranky, so of course Mommy couldn’t hold her…. Abby was running a fever and is beyond exhausted, David spent 9 hours holding a baby, We all went 9 hours with no food except the cookies and snacks in our bags, and then we checked in at 9:30 last night. And even though we had requested (and confirmed) 4 times with our travel agency, we had NO ADJOINING rooms!!! ARG!!!!! Again we were stuck in two separate rooms, and this time, the rooms were right next to the elevator, and behind the concierge desk with the phone ringing until after 11:00 p.m. Sigh. We were all so tired, we unpacked the essentials (formula, bottles, and jammies) and went right to bed. Everyone slept until 7:00 this morning, and we were relatively rested when we woke up.

This morning we went to the most incredible breakfast buffet ever…. A lot of fruit that I could peel ( no stomach problems for me!) and tons of more Western breakfast items (pancakes and potatoes, and eggs any way you want them, and also regular oatmeal) in addition to the best dumplings EVAH, and some fantastic fried things with a sweet cream cheese in the middle. Its kind of neat to have Chinese food for breakfast too.

Abby and Grandma and I spent the morning at the gorgeous pool with a waterfall. Abby was so happy to spend the day playing with other kids and having fun, it was great to be able to get her to play and be a kid again instead of a sitting and waiting for us to finish paperwork and sit in a hotel room.

David brought Evie to her medical appointment, and she is doing great. A little bit of a fever, but that’s from teething. Evie went in the pool when they got back from the medical appointment, and she loved it! She finally passed out outside, and is now sleeping here (it’s 6:00 at night) I spent almost 5 hours doing Evie’s Visa paperwork today, and everyone else enjoyed the pool the rest of the day. Evie was exhausted, so we figured we’d let her take a long nap because all of the families in our travel group are meeting near the pool for a barbeque tonight, and the kids will probably go swimming again for a while.

Jim and Martha say “HI’ to Hannah Grace and her family.
A big shout out to the Perzans and best of health wishes to Papa Orly!!! We are thinking of you from very far away.

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