Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It was a good day

Our SW visited today to go over Evie's progress in the past month and see how we're all adjusting. Have I mentioned how much I love our Social Worker? She is smart, caring, kind.... everything you'd want a social worker to be. And she was kind enough to not mention that my house was a disaster and I forgot to give her the brownies that we made earlier. Sigh.

Abby and I made snow cones this morning and let me tell ya, the Margarita machine that we bought does EVERYTHING that I always dreamed of my blender doing. (Except flying and spitting out money simutaneously.) I LOVE my new Margarita machine. Um, I mean SNOW CONE machine.

Other than that it was typical parenting day filled with concurrent thoughts of both running away and extra baby-hugging.

Goodnight.......I'm off to go pick up that last vase that Anakin, the Kitteh-From-Hell just knocked over.

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Balancing Act said...

Okay... as far as the brownies are concerned you just wanted to keep them for yourself. LOL! Anyways great to hear that the visit went well.