Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OMG, did she just say that?

My family spent the afternoon at Grandma's pool watching the kids swim and mediating arguments between cousins.
At one point, Evie said "Daddy," and, quite pleased with herself, munched on watermelon.
My niece was all excited over the new word, and it sparked fresh attention with everyone talking and smiling at the baby.
My older daughter wanted cousin Mariah's attention and yelled 'Ma-Ri-Ah!!" and Grandma inexplicably said 'Mariah?" right after that.............. so Evie looked up and said 'Ma-Ri-Ah!"
I'm telling you, everyone heard it. My mom, my sister, the other kids, they were all laughing and cheering.
Could I get Evie to say it again? Nope. I can't get her to repeat Mama unless she feels like it.
Uh-uh. It appears that this talking thing is only on her terms.
But darn can she mimic sounds!!
To give you an idea of how hard it is, I spent two weeks in China, and I could only say Ni Hao. (How are you?) She's been here three weeks, and she's picking up a bunch of new words, and she's only 11 months old. I totally blow, linguistically.

****Please add 'Auntie' to her list of sounds/words.*****

On a personal note, I have finally and officially purchased the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. The reviews on this machine have been incredible, and I can't wait to try it out. They have a recipie for a Lizard Margarita (midori anyone? Angela??Sarah, do you HAVE midori???) that looks to die for.
But get this........... it also does SNOW CONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to convice David that we needed it for the party to have Snow cones for the kids. Ah-hem. Well that's sorta true, right? I even bought the official syrups for the snow cones.

Please tune in tomorrow for a full Margarita/Snow Cone update. Um, after my Social Worker visits for the 1st Evie Check Up. (C'mon, even I wouldn't serve a margarita to my social worker!! At least not on an official visit.)

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Balancing Act said...

Okay that is impressive but someone told me that my son said "Uncle at 3 months!" Beat that! LOL. They say that they learn the most about language between 1 - 2 years. It is easier for them to pick it up. It's just us grown up morons that have a hard time.
As far as the marguerita machine... tell me what time and I will be there.