Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ponies and Posturings are like potato chips, you can't have just one!!

My A-Dor-Able baby daughter was very patient at the barn while Abby rode the pony and had her lesson . Abb's lesson went really well, and my niece Mariah was riding her horse in the arena, too. Evie has taken to Mariah in a big way, and was very curious watching her big sis and fav cousin 'ride the really big dogs in the dusty place.' After Abby's lesson and a one mile run around the race track (I think the Pony Diet is the best one I've tried yet) Abby got off and Evie wanted to pet the pony.
She was reaching for him and making the 'ehhhhh' noise, so I put her up against him and she smiled and pet I sat her on him sideways, waiting for the panic scream. More giggles.
I risked it all and plopped her right on him. Giggles, flapping arms, HUUUUGE smiles and a general feeling of "Oh yeah, tell Daddy, I'm gonna need me one of THESE!!"

All in all, this Barn-Mom was as happy as can be. Both my girls love horses!!! David, not so happy. He wanted them to like a sport that was less.......... costly. He couldn't hide his smile when she was so happy tho...........

On the Harry Potter note, I finished the book at 3:30 this afternoon. It was wonderful. A little on the pithy side, but hey it WAS intended for the younger set. It was, upon careful consideration, my favorite of the series. My book will now pass to R. Harrigan to read. And he only had to wait 24 hours after it's original release, too.. :)

Oh, side note number two........... a relative of mine has a blog. He(or she, gotta keep you guessing) is very serious about said blog, which posts include random thoughts, child rearing, UFOs and a LOT of political and religious, ummmmm, thoughts. Or posturings, whatev. Anyway, He(or she) makes a big point of using well constructed paragraphs and grammatically correct sentence structure, etc. Practicing creative writing and technique, blah blah blah. Uh-huh. I WAS an English major. I write a lot. Perfectly constructed paragraphs and unblemished sentence structure are beautiful, and often boring. Don't expect finesse in my posts. Or Pantene, or Dove. I like coming to a blog and reading something that makes me feel like I just sat down with the writer at the beach, with flip flops on, margarita on the table, and started to chat.

****The management has deemed the previous comment here inappropriate, and therefore it has been edited for content*****

I appreciate everyone who reads this blog and continues to visit, but please don't expect my education to peek out of my posts. I keep my degree firmly in check, thankyouverymuch. I keep my religion in check too. (probably cuz I don't have a whole lot to keep in check there, but I'm blathering.)

Live and let live, and buy them all ponies!!


Balancing Act said...

Grammer, structure - what the hell is that? Most people can't even speak in good English never mind write it. As far as that relative that you are speaking of... gotta agree with you on that one whole heartedly!! I think I listed that one as a pet peeve. Grrr...

bb said...

Hi... I agree! Buy them all ponies!!! I am at least 4 months from referral(more likely 6 or more months) and I have already been looking for a saddle with a wicker basket seat attached for my future daughter and a pony. (Your girls are really, really cute... BTW!!!)What show are you going to in August. Good Luck!
Check out my Tennessee Walking horse on my China Expedition blog.

Anonymous said...

Mary - I'm a friend of Balancing Act. I've seen the blog in question and I have to agree - he or she is a pompous, posturing wanker. Or a git, if you will.