Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The snorgles are a'coming!

We have three, count them, FIVE breakthroughs this week. I shall count zem for you all, dahlinks:

1) Evie is mimicking sounds now... she will say 'Mama mamamamamama' and 'Dadadadadadada' I realize that these sounds/words are only being mimicked, there isn't actually a correlation to any person(s) yet, but still, very exciting stuff.
2) Evie did NOT cry in her bath the other night! Every single time she gets a bath, she screams. Actually the screaming starts the second I start the water running. But the other night, not only did she not scream, oh no, she actually SPLASHED and giggled. Silent music to my ears.
3) She is starting to play games, and laughing. Like the tickle-bug game, you know, 'Comin' to getcha!' She'll laugh and giggle with anticipation. She will also now look at me, drop her toy, and laugh her fool head off when I pick it up. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat again.
4) She not only pet the dog, she actually *snorgled* the dog for a minute. Full on face snorgling.
5) She snuggled me. Just for fun. Just cuz. Just cuz I'm the Mama.

That last one means a lot to me, especially when she wouldn't even look at me for about two weeks. Sigh.

Her birthday party is coming up August 5th...... we're renting a big bouncy and having snow cones and good stuff. Invitations are going out tomorrow. :)

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Sarah said...

Okay... as far as the bath is she is probably happy that the water is warmer than the pool water. The snuggles are the best part. Can she teach Peyton how to talk? I think he is holding back on purpose just to get to me.