Friday, August 31, 2007

Hummer Tongue!

Allrighty, for all of you doubters out there.........

And now onto the important stuff:

Little Evie is not as little anymore...... Miss Squacker is 17 pounds now, and I have yet to find something that she won't eat. Rocks included, apparently. She had settled down into a great schedule of playing with Abby and myself, sleeping great, really having a good ol' time, and then Abby went back to school a few days ago. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh, I guess Abby was her 'safe place' when I need to throw laundry in or get dinner started, because now with Abby in school, we're back to Mommy-must-not-be-out-of-reach-or-the-world-will-end. It's been a little rough the past few days.

Evie will say a word a few times, and then not say it for days, so I'm not sure how to evaluate the talking. I would say that once she's said it twice, it's officially in the 'words I'm saying' catagory, so for those of keeping track, add on 'Hi, more, and ball.'

She is trying to pull herself up, and will stand for a while holding your hands.....she'll shuffle her feeties to walk towards what she wants and you should hear the squeals of giggles when she gets going. Too flipping cute!

Abby started the first grade (whimper whimper) and it's HARD being away from her all day. Poor Evie and I are a little lost without our Abby.

At the top there is a pic of Abby going down the driveway to meet the bus on her first day of school. (Yes, the dog always walks her to the bus) :)
I'm still trying to get a hold of the pics from Evie's birthday party, which went awesome. Hopefully I'll have those soon.

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bb said...

Is that a Great Pyrenees with Abby??!? We have a Great Pyrenees too. I am looking for the pics of your horse and pony. Did you post them yet? I have already stsrted talking about getting a pony for our future daughter. I want to try lead line classes. You have heard about putting the cart before the horse...well, I'm getting the pony before the daughter???
Your girls are adorable.