Thursday, September 6, 2007


Can you say "EEhhhnnnn????!!!!" It's the sound someone makes when they really want 'that thing over there' but they don't know what its called and they can't reach it. So they reach out stubby little hands and fingers, lean forward reeeeeally far, and say "EEhhhnnn!!!!"
I have become the Master of EEhhhnnn. I know which inflection means 'toy' and which means 'food.' Generally the food one is accompanied by flailing feet.

It is a rare night in our house as both kids were IN bed, ASLEEP by 7:00. And before anyone rolls their eyes and accuses me of taking advantage of a kid's inability to tell time, let me set the record straight..... They ASKED to go to bed. Abby was begging, with tears, to go to bed at 5:30. I think all day 1st grade is kickin' her butt. It was the first time in recorded Family History that I had to negotiate a LATER bedtime for our oldest. "Okay baby, I know you're tired, but if you can just make it for one more hour, you can have ice cream." Evie was too busy standing and EEhhhnnning at things to take an afternoon nap, so she was a tearful mess at 6:30. By 7:15 I was making a margarita (midori one this time... pretty good) and talking to a friend about the FUNNIEST woman's blog. If you want to read it, it's linked from Sara's site, which is on the left side of my blog under 'The blog of the best cook ever." You know, as soon as I typed that, I got hungry just thinking of the fabulous food that Sara makes, so I had to go to the kitchen. But I didn't want to MAKE anything. So I grabbed a bag of Smartfood. Now I'm typing leaving little white cheddar dust on the keyboard. Add that to the list of things to do tomorrow.

Before I kick my husband off the TV for evening (cuz I want to, and I can think of some leverage that I can use later) I want to bring up one of the most fabulous gifts that we received for Evie. There were a lot of great gifts, I mean AMAZING gifts, but a few really stand out with quality and the sheer amount of time that the baby goes to them to play again and again. One is a Melissa & Doug long rectangular bar that has wood blocks that are backed by a magnate so that you can stick them to the rectangle. Sounds simple, but you purchase each block individually so that it is completely customizable. This gift was given with the blocks "E, V, I, E" and then various animal picture blocks. The baby LOVES playing with this.. every single day. That means that it is better than GOLD. I've been looking for it online, but it's one of 954 Melissa and Doug products, so I think I'll have to call my SIL to find out where she got it.

K, off to shoo the husband away from the TV. Supernatural is on at 9:00, and I need me my Winchester boy fix.

Idea for future post, not baby related........ why do I always lust after the guy in the series who ISN'T the main character? The boys in Supernatural are... well, unnaturally beautiful, but that guy who plays their dad is HOT. Not beautiful not, but rugged MAN hot. ::::shakes head::::: I just can't date a guy who's prettier than me. Not that I'm dating.

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Balancing Act said...

So how was that drink anyways? Love to get the gifts that the kids love. It equates to free time for mommy and daddy. Yeah!