Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Abby lost her Blue Tooth!

It finally happened, Abby lost her Blue Tooth! No, not the wireless stuff, I'm talking about her left front tooth.... that was blue.
Backstory: When Abby was 2, she fell and hit her front teeth. There was blood everywhere and her gums where so swollen they made her lips look like Angelina Jolie's and it necessitated a trip to the Emergency room. We were told then that even though her front teeth weren't loosened by the impact, the nerves in them would probably die and the teeth would eventually be discolored... but that the adult teeth would be just fine when they came in. Well, right around age 4, her left front tooth started to turn a grey-ish blue. We've called it her Blue Tooth ever since. We can now officially say, there is no more Blue Tooth! Abby came come from school yesterday with the exciting news that the tooth fell out. She had it in a little 'Tooth Treasure Chest" that her fabulous teacher gave her.
On a related note, years ago my Mother in Law gave Abby the most wonderful book called "Twinkle the Tooth Fairy." It is the story of the Tooth Fairy, obviously, but it is a great story and it comes with a purple velvet pouch to put the fallen out baby teeth in, and then you put the pouch under her pillow. It is MUCH easier to find the pouch under the pillow than to search around for a teeny tiny tooth under there. I'm posting a picture of the book, and of the pouch and if you look really closely, there's a teeny tiny Blue Tooth sitting on top of the pouch. :)


Dingo Deb said...

ohhhh congratulations Abby!! can't wait to hear what inflation has done for the tooth fairy LOL.

Balancing Act said...

The sparkling smile returns. What great news.

Sue (Friend of Sarah) said...

Of course you meant that it's easier for the Tooth Fairy to find the pouch... Congrats to Abby! How very exciting for her.