Friday, September 21, 2007

Attack of the Puglettes

I sometimes take care of a a friends' elderly dogs when she is out of town or will be away all day. She has 6 dogs, all of them PUGS. They sort of look like tan inchworms with fur. (Huh. Remember that I thought the white caterpillar looked like a fuzzy puppy with no legs? I think I have some sort of incecticile/canine familiarity problem.) The pugs can be grouped into the following categories: The geriatrics: Buddy and Jade. Both blind. Both completely kissable.
Clifford and Farley: Middle aged, playful, cookie monsters. Duke and Shadow: Obese, fresh and total attention whores.
When I go over, I'm usually greeted by the ear drum busting chorus of yapping until I get on the floor to play and love up all the puglettes. Abby and I love those puggers to death.
Well, yesterday was teh first time that we were bringing Evie over to see the puglettes. Evie is soooooo good with our two admittedly quiet giant dogs, so I thought it was going to be okay to introduce her to the 'Yapping Horde.'
You know how I had lamented in the past that Evie didn't always cuddle right up against me when I held her? Well I don't think you could have slid a piece of paper between our bodies even if you used a crowbar. Horrified. Baby. And it doesn't help that both Jade and Shadow love babies more than anything in the world. Those two puggles were trying Sooooooo hard to get their kissies to land on that baby's face. Evie was torn between crying, clinging, and the occassional burst of laughter when a puggle kiss landed just right on her cheek.

Evie had her Dr.'s appointment yesterday, and she is 18 1/2 pounds and looking great! She is scooting (not really crawling) and can sit up from laying down, she can stand holding onto things and is walking if someone holds her hands. I can't believe the amount of muscle that she has put on since we brought her home. When I remember that 3 months ago she couldn't even sit up, it's just amazing how far she's come.

Tomorrow I'll post about our little budding Temper Queen!

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