Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aquatic Freedom and the Pink Bootie Call

My mother in law gave my husband some printouts of pictures taken of us at my niece's 2nd birthday party. Other than the usual "wow do I do look fat there' photos, there were some reallllly cute ones of Evie. I'll have to call my father in law and ask him to email the pics to me. That guy is great with a camera!!
There were also a few pics of Abby's fishing trip with Grandpa and Daddy. Did I mention that she CAUGHT HER FIRST FISH?!?!? How cool is that?? David said it was a big one, but I forget what kind he said..... darn. I suck at that. I'll have to edit this post later when I find out what kind of fishie it was.
David did tell me that while they were out on the boat, Abby was trying to convince Grandpa that the little teeny fishies (the ones in the bucket to be used for bait) didn't like the bucket, and that they should be let go back to the ocean.
"Oh no, Abigail," said Grandpa, "They like being bait. They think it's fun to swim on the fishing line."
Apparently my little tree-hugger-in-the-making didn't buy that excuse, and was secretly letting fishies go whenever Grandpa wasn't looking.
Shhhhh. Don't tell him!

My Evie item of the day: Our littlest Princess is 18 whopping pounds now! You would not believe what this kid can eat.
We were shopping at the local family-owned grocery store. It's very old fashion, the management knows most customers on sight, and they still PUSH YOUR CART for you back to your car and put your groceries in the car FOR YOU. Wonderful, old fashion, great customer service. Now for what happened...
Evie was in the front of the carriage facing me. Her little pink-fuzzy boots were dangling down. We shopped, we grabbed, we decided that a diet should always include a Cadbury bar, and we went to the checkout. Some where along the time that I swiped my credit card I noticed that there were five nekkid little tosies dangling. As in, no fuzzy pink boot. I looked the cashier and bagging-boy and told them that after I was rung up I'd have to go searching for the missing pink boot.
Another shopper overheard me and said "I saw a pink bootie on the floor near the meat department." I thanked her and mentioned that I'd have to go over there to look when we were done.
Another bagging-boy, whose line was not busy at that moment, disappeared. My cashier smiled while she handed me the receipt. "He went to get the bootie for you," She said.
"Well that was very nice of him!"
"Yeah!" my bagging-boy chimed in, "He went on a pink bootie call!"

Crickets.... chirping.

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Balancing Act said...

I can hear Abby saying, "Shhhh... Now walker just let them go one at a time but don't tell anyone because it's a secret."