Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I see stupid people

Okay okay, two blogs in one day. I do not have the time to write even one blog, nevermind two. My kitchen is still trashed, I have clothes from 1998 on top of my dresser and at least 12 photos that "Would look great right there if I could find the right frame for them." But sometimes events in life take precedence, and this is one of them.

I went to Best Buy today to pick up Season 2 of Supernatural. Yes we are on a budget, but seriously, I think God is on my side on this purchase. If he didn't want me to buy it he would have made David say something when I casually mentioned "Hey, I'm going out to the store later today. Did you know that season 2 of Supernatual is coming out?" That's Wife-Speak for "Honey, I'm buying this unless you raise a stop sign in front of me and release the air out of my tires."
Anyway, back to Best Buy....... Abby is in school so it's just Evie and I. Evie is in the cuuuuutest little Gap capri jeans and dark pink sweater with little Ugg-like pink booties on. I'm in my dark jeans, a way cute brown tank top, and a zip up blue jacket that's actually kind of cute. (Bear with me, people, this has relavence.) My hair is up and I have no make up on, but hey, I'm a generally cute person and I don't usually worry about my looks too much. (Do any of you have that foreshowding going on? Do you feel that wicked wind that this way comes?!? Do ya?)

After grabbing the Season 2 DVD set and taking a milisecond to twitch at hotness of the cover shot, I move on the camera section and ask a bored looking chick with Carrot-Top hair (except it was brown) "Excuse me, do you work in the camera section?"


I wait. I wait for that modicum of customer service training to at least ring a bell in her cavernous skull. Nothing.

"Well. Then I guess we'll just go find someone who does."
"Thank you so much for all of your help today. Really." I drip sarcasm here.
She looks at me. Blankly.

I walked away, refusing to purchase anything except for my DVDs in pure revenge. (Yeah. That works. Stocks plummet and all.)

Evie and I went to the checkout. There are two women there. One younger, maybe early 20's, one a bit older. They immediately started coooing and oohhhhh and ahhhhing over my cute baby. I smiled thinking that maybe the trip isn't so bad after all until they start the double takes. You can just about HEAR the thoughts in their brains...
::::::rattle rattle, crickets chirping, hey-that-baby-doesn't-look-like-her, rattle rattle::::::::

I waited for the inevitable questions to start. The ones I'm starting to get irritated with.

"Is she your grandbaby?"


"Oh god! I'm not that old! She's my daughter!" I was unable to have ANY sort of dignified response, I was so shocked. Hellooooooooo people, I'm still in my early 30's!!!!!

"Oh, I'm so sorry! It's just that she doesn't look like you!"

So now I'm all confused. On the one hand, maybe she did ask because Evie doesn't look like me, and it was her MORONIC attempt to find out if Evie was adopted. I've had some pretty ridiculous questions from people trying to ask without asking. But maybe, just maybe, she said it because I'm looking................... old.

I called David as soon as I was out of the store and told him to put some cash away because I'm going to get a facial, a hair cut, and a PROFFESSIONAL dye job. I don't have any grays yet, but I could use a more professional highlighting going on.

A face lift is not out of the question. Shopping ever again at Best Buy is.

I have to go and moisturize now. :::::whimper whimper:::::::

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Balancing Act said...

Okay it is 9:50 and I am still laughing. I see stupid people all the time. They must think they blend therefore they make obvious iterations as the girl in the store. It's sad... but... I am still laughing!