Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick

Evie and I had to take Abby to the Dr.'s office yesterday. The poor girl had a fever of 104.5. That's just scary for any parent to have to see. Abby has a severe case of Strep Throat and is now on antibiotics, Robitussin w/Codine for pain and Motrin to keep that fever at least below 103. We've been up every 4 hours dosing her with medicine...... the poor bunny looks like she was hit by a truck.
She's been sleeping in my bed for the past two nights so that I can easily check her fever and get meds in her.
That of course means that David has been slumbering in Abby's bed...... snug tight in a fuzzy pink comforter with Horsies on the walls and a Disney Princess nightlight.
..... we have to take joy in the little things, don't we?

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