Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inhumane conditions

I was reading a newspaper article about a family that were visited by police. After looking though the house, the police called the conditions "Inhumane and deplorable." They took the children away from the house and put them in foster care, and the parents are being charged.
The police described the house as follows:
  • Human and animal urine and feces inside the home
  • At least one rat was spotted
  • clothing and food strewn about the floors
  • numerous cats and dogs in various states of health

I'm reading all this and thinking "Ooooohhhhh, those poor kids. " and then it hit me. Depending on how its written up, that could describe my house.

  • Human and animal urine and feces inside the home

If you look in the Diaper Genie, you would absolutely find human feces and urine. And if you look in the toilet, it's a 50-50 shot that Abby didn't flush, so you've got it there, too. In regards to animal feces, we have two rats that have free range of Abby's room. They have been known to drop the occasional 'rat marble' in the bottom drawer of a spare dresser. That's why we have a towel in that drawer.

  • At least one rat spotted

You can easily spot two rats in our house. Scooby Doo, and Darius II. They are seldom in their cage. They do tricks and come when called. The prefer Buitoni 4 cheese ravioli and yogurt chips.

  • Clothing and food strewn about the floors

Are you kidding me? My husband and the 6 year old consider ME their laundry basket. They throw it down, I pick it up. There is ALWAYS some article of clothing on the floor. And food? HA!!!!!!! The baby slings food around like a professional Caber-tosser. And even though the dogs usually catch it, they're getting old and occasionally miss some

  • Numerous cats and dogs in various stages of health

Both of our dogs are old, hip sore, and enjoy a twice-weekly Prison Break to the swamp. 3 of our 5 cats are old and missing a few teeth, one is middle-age with fat pads that drag the ground, and the kitten is. .... well, evil, but that's beside the point. Add the two elderly rats that are beginning to loose their fur due to age, and you have a Veterinarian's dream.

If someone were to do a write up on my generally clean, well-spaced, tastefully decorated home, they could, factually, write that same newspaper's horrid description about ME. It just comes across so differently when its written in bullet points. I'm sure that house was a health violation and all, but it kind of makes you wonder about context.

I have to go clean.


The Captain's Wife said...

Too Too Funny!
I think I need to contact DCF immediately!
You are so right on with your observations though-any home with even 1 pet and 1 man living in it would meet all of these conditions.

Cheysu said...

Ah-Ha! Now I can know who you are! :) I went to your blog but I couldn't find a name....... Hi Karianne!

Anonymous said...

I need to go clean, too. Two dogs, two kids, same problems.

Balancing Act said...

yea - I have to go clean to.

The Captain's Wife said...

Yeah I am sneaky like that :) Have a great weekend!
PS- DCF will be stopping in any time, tell David to urinate in the toilet for the next few days ok?