Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin carving time!

Every year my sister Karen and I gather the young'ins together and go to Grandma's house to carve pumpkins. This is not a quick event. We do not hack out two triangle eyes and a toothy grin. We plan, we plot, we compete, and we are often having a few beers whilst we carve. (usually after the machete type top removal.) Now you might think that this would be a great family event for the kids, and if by "kids" you mean my sister and I, then you're right! We help our little ones as fast as we can and then settle down to business. The little kids all love it of course, but its my sister and my husband and me that take it the most seriously of all. Screwing up your pumpkin will earn you the loser title for an entire year. The best pumpkin earns you bragging rights. :)
Each year has gotten a little easier with Abby. At one, she just crawled off and ate. At two, she wanted to do a pumpkin, for about 3 seconds, and then wanted to play. At three, she wanted to do a pumpkin ALL BY HERSELF and wanted it perfect. (oooof. That was a rough year.) At four she wanted to plan the design, but let me carve it. At five she wanted to play with her cousins. This year, at six, she planned, designed, and CARVED her pumpkin all by herself, and it came out fantastic! She was so proud that she had me carve her name onto her pumpkin. :)
I thought it would be a rough year with another baby added to the mix, but as fate would have it, Evie fell asleep and missed just about all of it. Except for the pizza at the end, my baby always wakes up for food. :)
This year I carved a witch sitting next to a smoking cauldron and stirring the contents. Karen did a spooky tree with an owl in it. (Loser award...... she sawed the poor owl off the tree by mistake and had to use a straight pin to perch him back up there-HA) David did an amazing skull, Mariah did the Headless Horseman, and Bailey did a spooky tree with spiders. Abby did a creepy hand grasping out, and her name is carved underneath. She said that it looked like the hand was casting a spell over her name. (Good imagination!)
And while I did not get pictures of Evie carving, I did get pictures of her in her very first ever PIG TAILS!!

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Balancing Act said...

Okay... Karen just needs to use her imagination and say that she meant to cut the owl because it was in flight.