Friday, October 5, 2007

Sharing with the baby Cuz

I went over to my Mother-in-Laws to visit yesterday and she was babysitting my niece, whom I shall call Miss P. Miss P. is 2 years old now, and so flipping cute that I can't even stand it. She was outside the house when we pulled up and she stands, hands on her hips and little blonde curlz a-wavin' and says "Hi, Aaunie. Where's David?" Okay, it's not as cute if you can't hear her little pippy-squeaky voice but trust me on this one..... waaaaaay cute.
Evie was holding a cracker in her hand and Miss P. points to it and says "My cookie." I love that. To a 2 year old, the world belongs to them. There is no concept of anything belonging to anyone else, its all mine mine mine. Not in a selfish or spoiled way, but in the total microcasm world of the 2 year old, it all revolves around their stuff, and their stuff that someone else is holding.
After going inside Nana kept trying to get Miss P. to share some of the toys with Evie. You have seldom seen such self-reflection and consternation in one little face before. Miss P. was trying sooooo hard to be a big girl and play and share but it was going against her very nature as a 2 year old. Finally I couldn't take and took pity on her and asked her if she could pick out some toys for Evie. Holy crap, you would've thought I invented the wheel! She looked at me like I was the bestest, smartest person in the whole wide world.
In a flurry of green-suede shoes and blonde curlz Miss P. ransacked toy rooms for the perfect toys for Evie and brought them, one by one, to lay at Evie's feet. With each toy she would describe what it was and why Evie would like it. Again, cute squeaky voice! Miss P. no longer felt that she was sharing but instead was helping and providing. I guess that's the difference.
When Evie was settled and playing, Miss P. brought me a book to read to her.

Sometimes I forget how heartbreakingly cute the ages of 2 and 3 are. There's a magic in that age. Yes, there' a magic in every age, but I think that 2s and 3s have a special magic that directly corresponds to the level of demon that comes out in them. Survival, I think. :)

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Balancing Act said...

Being that Peyton is two I totally agree on the cuteness factor. He is able to make me laugh everyday. On the other hand Walker has the ability to make me laugh as well but for different reasons. The 2s and 3s are also my favorite. You have no blocks taken from you at that stage.