Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday is Picture day!

Evie was digging into her mashed potatos.... all by herself. And then she fed some of her steak to Aspen.

I finally got Evie to sit for 3 minutes to watch Barney.... but only because I plied her with Popcorn


The Salesman's Point of View said...

Aspen sooooo loves the baby. Evie is kind of like her own personal drive thru....or Evie Thru

balancing act said...

Isn't it nice they like to share. Walker only shares when it is something he doesn't like and well Peyton shares... but only when he has had enough and even then he sometimes changes his mind.

Dingo Deb said...

ohh crap. Tuesday is PICTURE day!??
I thought Tuesday was FAT-FREE day.
better figure out how to negate the fat effects of 2 doughnuts and a twinkie.

heheh the pics are way cute,I'm glad the girls get to grow up around so many good people(humans,and animals alike)