Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yes, that was Abby on CNN LIVE with Larry King

Abby sent a video to Dog the Bounty Hunter telling him that "Even heroes make mistakes" and to "never give up."
The video was picked up by CNN and broadcast live during Larry King's live interview with Dog 'the bounty hunter' Chapman.

Abby (and I) love Dog and his clan. We have learned a lot about forgiveness and second chances by watching the show, and Abby considers him a hero.
You can view a transcript of the show at

Abby's segment as at the very end of the transcripts.... there was a slight error in the transcription of the Reverend's comment after hers....... What he actually said was "Out of the mouths of babes.... that was a great message."

What she wanted most of all was to know that Dog got her message and knew he was a hero, and that it was okay to make mistakes. Her only intent making the video was to have the chance to make Dog feel better. I told her that I would send it to him, but that we would never really know if he got the video or not. Well, my baby got her wish.....not only did Dog get the video, but Abby got to see him watch the video on live TV and see his response.

It was a beautiful thing watching your baby give hope to her hero. Not something that happens every day.


A-hem Kathy said...

I was able to watch the show and see the clip of Abby. Very very touching and she had Dog crying. Abby, beautiful gesture on your part, from the heart. Evie, congrats on standing on your own. Mary, two posts are you counting?

Cheysu said...

Yes, Yes I am.
Will A-Hem be your new nickname?

Dingo Deb said...

*gasping giggles* ohhh Mar,Kath you two are so funny. yep Kath yer name just HAS to be "A-hem"(I can see you with head cocked to the side,that twinkle in your eye just like Dad before he pulled off a good joke on us) and Mar always the funniest and making everyone with one liners. The blog conversations sound so much like our regular everyday conversations with the jokes and humor it makes me grin from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

That's just too cool. Wish I could have seen it.