Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been marked.

Anakin, the Kitteh-From-Hell, has been spending a lot of time taking up the prime real estate that is my lap. He Thwumps down, all fluff and vacant gray-matter, and purrs himself to kitty slumber whilst I watch re-runs of Firefly. This has, apparently, caused discord among the Kitty pack. You see, Ninja, my oldest cat, (Pictured to the left) is the intellectual baby of the bunch. I mean that. At 12 years old, he still won't go to sleep at night unless he can suck on an old ratty blue blanket that's on my bed. B-a-b-y. And he has always been Mommy's Lap Kitteh. And he is not amused that the puckish upstart is taking over. I didn't really notice until last night. Anakin, purring, neurons firing blankly into the abyss, was in my lap when Ninja came around the corner for his nightly snuggle. Ninja stared at us. It was not a kind stare. He was pissed off. I remember thinking that I was going to be made to pay for my fleeting affections. I was right.

This morning Ninja calmly walked up to me while I was having my coffee. I opened up my arm for him to jump into my lap.

He turned around.

He lifted his tail.

He sprayed me.

I am property. I am territory. And I just got owned.


Balancing Act said...

Oh... not nice. If it makes you feel better Peyton now officially owns me. We were attempting to use the potty for th efirst time but his (you know what) couldn't reach over the rim. Not pretty that.

Karin said...

Now I don't feel so bad that my inside girl cat pees on the same rug each and every time she sees/smells/thinks that the 2 outside cats are receiving attention!
I actually came over to check out Evie in the snow from the China forum but was drawn to the picture of Ninja who looks a little too similar to my trouble maker, shasta!