Monday, December 10, 2007

This week, on T-Y-R TV!

The big news this week............ Evie is WALKING!!! She'll go 7 or 8 steps, then do a half crouch, then 7 or 8 more steps, then start clapping and looking around to make sure that everyone is watching and cheering her on! :) Of course if she wants speed, she'll hunker down and crawl lightning-fast to get to whatever she wants that might be mobile enough to leave if she isn't fast enough.

In other news....... We had the Barbie S&M Christmas tree for a couple of days. What's that, you ask? Well, I was sitting down, enjoying an episode of Reaper, when something in the Christmas tree caught my eye..... is that a Barbie doll, all nekkid, doing an reverse swan dive in the middle of the Christmas tree??? I got up and went over to the tree to inspect the situation further. Not only was there a nekkid Barbie doing a reverse swan dive in the middle of the Christmas tree, she was also suspended there, mid-flight, by the strand of lights that were wrapped around her wrists and ankles.

Should I be worried? Is this some kind of death threat from the cats.....? Or did David accidentally let Abby watch Jennifer Lopez in 'The Cell?"


Moving on, other news..... ahem...... I'm just about done Christmas shopping, the pony ripped his brand new $75.00 blanket in less than 12 hours, the kitten broke two dishes, and I'm going to make a very strong Margarita later tonight. I need something to erase the memory of the Barbie Christmas Tree.

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