Monday, December 31, 2007

X-mas Vacation Ramblings

M&M's!!!!!!! Forget the toys, gimme more chocolate.

Yeah. I told you. Great bear. Now give me more M&Ms.

What kind of 6 year old asks Santa for an ENCYCLOPEDIA?? Okay, so it's an ANIMAL encyclopedia, but still?!? And look at how happy she is!!

(By the way, No, I wasn't suffocating her. The blue lips are from the lollipop that was in her stocking.)

Our first Ice skating trip of the season. Abby spent most of the time on her butt and her knees are purple from bruises, but she still insists that it was 'the bestest day.'

Evie spent most of the time in a sled demanding that the Mama pull her around the pond chasing the other kids. She thought it was great fun and laughed and squacked her head off. Abby and cousin Bailey finally scrunched in with Evie to take a moment and catch their breath.


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Balancing Act said...

Chocolate is what makes the whole world go around. Nice pic's.