Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm so proud

Evie is taking her morning nap, all snug in purple jammies with her blankie, Mr. Pinkie wrapped around her.
David says "Abby, let's play a Disney Trivia game that I found online." David and Abby play for maybe a half hour before Abby announces that she doesn't want to do it anymore.
"I just want to watch Star Wars, Daddy." she says.
"Which one?" I ask, proud heart all aflutter.
"Empire. I like that one the best." Abby says.

I can barely control the happy little dances that my heart is pitter-pattering all though my chest. Not only does my little girl love Star Wars, but far far more than that, she has the class and the taste to love the BEST of the 6 Star Wars films.

I am one. happy. fan-girl.

By the way, David continued to play the Disney Trivia game, by himself, for over an hour. :)


Balancing Act said...

There's no mistaken it... she's yours!!

Cheysu said...

I'm so proud.