Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evie.....Evil.......just one letter off

I brought Evie to pick Abby up from school last week. Abby is, as usual, very excited to see little sis and is introducing her to her friend Darby, and Darby's mom.
"Isn't she the cutest?" says Abby. "I just love her so much I have to kiss her!"
Abby leans in for a kiss. She ignores my silent plead to not push her luck with Miss. Crabby.
Evie swipes at her and pulls her hair.

I have the look on my face that clearly says "Damn. I knew that was gonna happen. Any chance I can pass this off as a random event?"

Darby's mom smiles at Evie and says "You're a little hair-puller, aren't cha?"

Evie smiles her BIGGEST smile and laughs.

Abby might be Mommy's good little Jedi, but the dark side clearly runs strong in Evie. David is so very proud.


Balancing Act said...

The younger ones get away with everything. Peyton is my devil child... but he does it with a smile and giggles.

Ahem-Kathy said...

Evie, what a good little girl. Looks like Mommy can use some help with those housekeeping tasks.