Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt

It rained on the day of the town Easter Egg Hunt last month, so it was held in the gym. Abby won one of the huge bouncy balls as a prize that day, and here's the video of her and Evie playing with it.


Midge said...

Wow, dude that bouncy ball is huge!! Awesome prize though. Wow, Evie seemed really excited playing with that. Abby did too.

Evie sure has come along way. I remember when the slightest noise from anyone scared her. Inside that gym seemed to be really loud with kids yelling and playing. She seemed to be fine and completely satisfied with chasing Abby and the life sized green bouncy ball.

Crazy cute!!

Balancing Act said...

A girl on a mission! That's MY ball. She has come so far.