Thursday, May 1, 2008

Since I've Seen Your Face

It's been exactly one year since the day that I first saw the face of our beautiful Evie. My first post was on May 1st, 2007, and it was all about seeing Evie for the first time.

My baby girl has gone from pudgy Michellin Tire Infant to Skinny Baby to Sassy Toddler.....


Midge said...

Simply adorable in every photo. I love her smile. Lots of love Evie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ahem-Kathy said...

Evie, an entire family waited your arrival and read the blog religiously for updates. You have touched the lives of so many people in such a short time. Your smiles, laughs, and toddler accoplishments are treasures to behold. You are also very lucky to have the best Mom, Dad, and big sister anyone could ask for.

I know your Aunt, Ms. B, loves you too. We are working on her makeup issue, don't you worry.