Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Family Day!!

Happy Family Day to Us
Happy Family Day to Us
Happy Family Day toooo uuuuuuusssssss
Happy Family Day to Us!!!

It's been on year ago today (at 10:30 p.m. tonight) that our family of four first held eachother, all together, as a complete family.

For those of you who want to reminice... this was my first blog post that day. (Please keep in mind that we were jet-lagged, too nervous to think, and well...did I mention nervous and scared?)

Hello all! It's a little after 6:00 a.m. here in Nanchang, and things have not exactly gone as planned........... for me. LOL
Let me start my saying that, for those of you that know our older daughter, Abby, will remember what she was like as a baby. Stubborn, grumpy, funny, hungry, and with a peculiar habit of refusing to go to sleep unless you put her down RIGHT WHEN SHE WAS TIRED. If you missed your 'window of opportunity' so to speak, then you were screwed. No nap for you.

Well, guess what?!? Evie is exactly like that!!! She even chews her sleeve when she gets nervous like Abby did. Only this time, the baby wants DADDY. Oh yeah, you heard it folks, DADDY. Mommy sucks, Daddy rocks. And now for the evil part :::giggle::: Guess who slept through the night??? NOT DADDY!! Oh revenge is soooooo sweet. But, bittersweet actually, cuz I'm more than a tad put out that she doesn't like me, although both David and I have new appreciations of the others' role when Abby was born, because now it's reversed. Abby liked Mommy best, and didn't want anything to do with Daddy, which I thought sucked because I was the only one on call, 24/7. I remember thinking that Daddy was being childish and silly when it hurt his feelings that the baby didn't like him, and that he didn't understand how hard it was to do it on my own.
Well, what ho, I've seen the light!! It's hard on both sides of the fence. (Although secretly I think Daddy is loving this. Um, okay not that secretly..... he's reveling in it..... except when he wanted to take a shower this morning. LOL. Not so much, said Baby Red Foot!)

Okay, now that my pity party is done.......... lemme tell you what these poor kids went through yesterday.
They drove 2 hours to the Civil Service building, in a city they've never been to, without the foster mothers and nannys that they know. They are brought upstairs and handed to a bunch of white folk that smell, look, and sound completely different from anything they've ever known. Then they are sat in front of a camera for family pictures. While bawling, LOL! Then we all drive 1/2 hour back to the hotel with babies, some quiet, some fussy, and have 1 1/2 hours at the hotel to spend some time and then meet in a conference room to do paperwork. 1 hour after that, it's back to Civil Service for more paperwork, then to the notary, then to the passport office (In a van,with exhausted babies) to finish up all the procedureal stuff. Then home, eat dinner, get exhausted baby down for a nap, and pray that you catch your breath for a minute. Then up and hit the pool with the family (except baby didn't go in) at 10:00 at night, then to sleep at 11:00. Evie woke up at 4:30, ate and played and went down for a nap at 6:00. Now it's 7:00 a.m., she's up, and we're all going for breakfast.

There's a lot of baby info, she's TINY. 6-9 month clothes are just fitting. She was very sick two months ago and had to go into the hospital with bronchitis and on IV antibiotics. She's better now, but she lost a lot of weight and is very hungry.

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Dingo Deb said...

awww happy family day! I'm so glad that trip happened and so glad was I when it ended. I didn't like the thought of so many of my family overseas and not where I could just call and reach them. not to mention the planes held together macgyver style shheeeshhhh! I remember see the first pics of her and thinkin' "wow!! big head hope she grows into that melon" well LA, she did! she's gotten so big and beautiful and her eyes now look at everyone with recognition and love. what a beauty of a family you have :)
luv ya all!